Woman bravely displays ‘war wounds’ after being scarred for life by violent ex

A woman who was scarred for life when her jealous boyfriend ‘just went boom’ and tried to kill her has bravely shown off her ‘war wounds’ as a domestic violence survivor.

Jade Herbert, 25, spoke out about her ordeal after her would-be murderer Fidel Robinson, 23, was jailed for 15 years after launching a frenzied attack with a bread knife when she tried to end the relationship.

Robinson ‘exploded’, battering her with a glass jug, smashing a television over her head, stamping on her as she cowered away from him and then hacking at her with the blade. He admitted attempted murder, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault by beating.

Manchester Crown Court heard how he told her: ‘If I can’t have you no one will have you.’ The trainee youth worker says she only survived by finding the strength to snatch the knife and throw it away.

Judge Richard Mansell QC told Robinson: ‘Your relationship with Jade Herbert ended in a ferocious, sustained and relenting attack during which you formed an intention to kill her. You are an egotistic and immature young man with an overwhelming need to be in control of situations who quickly becomes violent and aggressive.

‘You have very fixed ideas about how a woman should behave and when you are not in control you explode with devastating consequences.’

Manchester Crown Court heard how Jade began seeing Robinson last September after meeting him on Snapchat.

Prosecutor Jeremy Lasker said ‘the violence started on October 24 and continued for most of the relationship’, with further assaults taking place on November 2 and December 8 then culminating in the murderous attack six days later.

More than a year on, Jade has now posted images of her injuries from when she was in hospital with the message: ‘Thank you so much everybody. It has took me a lot of courage to write this post as I am a very proud person anyway but I can’t hide forever.

‘I am Jade and this is my story. So here goes. I’m sh**ting bricks writing this. I hope you understand.

‘As some of you may know, a week after my 25th birthday, on the December 14, 2019, I nearly lost my life.

‘I was beaten in ways that are indescribable. He bit me, cut my hair, smashed things over my head. You name it, he done it.

‘But not only that – my so called ex-boyfriend took a knife to me and cut my face and body.

‘I was in hospital for nearly two months recovering. I still haven’t physically – never mind mentally healed. He took something from me I will never get back.

‘If I didn’t build up the strength to take the knife I wouldn’t be here to tell the story. Things would have been a lot different.’

She said her relationship with Robinson lasted just four months, but was a ‘rollercoaster’ of emotional, physical and mental abuse.

Jade said: ‘He doesn’t have mental health issues. He was just born evil – and I think that’s even scarier. How could one human do that to another. There are no words.’

She branded Robinson ‘a scumbag’ who deserved every year of his sentence.

‘I had to do what I had to do because someone else might not have had the strength,’ she said. ‘I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I am a warrior and these are my war wounds.’

Jade works for The Rathbone Story, a national youth charity which aims to transform young lives through apprentice and training schemes.

Following the sentence, Detective Constable Philippa Barker said: ‘Robinson is clearly a dangerous man and thankfully we have managed to put him behind bars for a considerable amount of time.

‘The attack on this woman was brutal and relentless and she has been left with life changing injuries and scars. He also left a second woman with injuries.

‘The woman fought for her life and without her incredible bravery and strength throughout the investigation, we wouldn’t have been able to put Robinson in prison where he can’t hurt others. I can only commend her for this.’