Woman accused of ‘witchcraft’ as she shows how to turn sock into a face covering

Earlier this week, the government changed their stance on wearing face coverings during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

As of Wednesday (May 12), the new advice is that people should “consider wearing face coverings in enclosed public spaces where you may be more likely to come into contact with people you do not normally meet”.

According to the experts, enclosed public spaces include public transport such as buses and trains, as well shops.

A post on reads: “The public is being strongly urged not to purchase surgical masks or respirators. These are prioritised for healthcare workers working in more high-risk environments where the risk is greatest.

“Instead the public is encouraged to make face coverings at home, using scarves or other textile items that many will already own.”

And if you’re looking to make your own, we’ve just come across a very easy way to do so – and all you need is a sock.

A woman has shared a video on TikTok showing how you can easily turn an odd sock into a face covering.

The video has gone viral, being shared across several social media platforms including Twitter.

In the clip, the woman who posts under the username @safiaaggoune starts by taking the sock and turning it upside down, so the toe end is at the top.

She then folds the toe end over, so that it’s touching where the heel is and takes a pair of scissors to cut along the fold.

Discarding the toe piece, the woman’s next step is to cut all the way down the side of the sock that doesn’t have the heel. She then opens the piece of fabric up into a rectangular shape.

The fourth step sees her fold the piece of fabric in half widthways along the bit that was the heel, so you have one long straight edge and one that has a bump in the middle.

Finally, she turns the fabric so that the bump is facing down then makes two incisions along either of the smaller sides to create the straps to hold it on the face.

And voilà, one face covering.

People on Twitter were amazed by the clip, with one saying it was “the simplest” DIY version they’d seen yet.

Another commented to say that one layer of cotton isn’t enough protection, so they suggested adding another layer of fabric.

“They recommend several layers. You could put other fabric behind the sock though and use the sock to hold it in place. But any layer is better than no layer.”

A third replied: “Brilliant! A new use for some decent running socks that have a hole in them!”

Someone else joked that the woman was magic for making it, adding: “What is this witchcraft.”