Nine million searches for child abuse images during first month of lockdown

There were nearly nine million attempts to access child sex abuse images online in the UK during the first month of lockdown, new figures show. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) said data from three unidentified tech companies revealed there had been at least 8.8 million searches for such material across a month-long period between March […]

Blocked by Big Ben on Twitter? You’re hardly alone

The recent video of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisbeger throwing passes and ultimately getting his Yukon Cornelius beard removed was posted to his Twitter page. Which, for plenty of Twitter users, made it impossible to watch. It was impossible to watch because the official Ben Roethlisberger Twitter account has blocked, indiscriminately and perhaps randomly, hundred if […]

Found: Brain structure that controls our behavior

For our social life and our profession we must be able to deal with our environment and other people. Executive functions, meaning the basic intellectual abilities that control human thought and action, help us to do this. These include selective attention, otherwise known as the ability to concentrate on one stimulus and suppress others, or […]

SoftBank’s Son hopes ‘winged unicorns’ can save crumbling tech empire

SoftBank Group Corp (9984.T) CEO Masayoshi Son on Monday pinned his hopes on a small group of “winged unicorns” to save the performance of his $100 billion Vision Fund – although he gave few clues on which ones they would be. Announcing a record annual loss for his tech conglomerate, and an $18 billion shortfall […]

Apple supplier TSMC confirms it’s building an Arizona chip plant

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which makes Apple’s A-series chips, plans to build an advanced chip factory in Arizona. The news was first reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal and confirmed by TSMC today. The plant will make 5-nanometer transistor chips for TSMC, which the company has reportedly been testing with customers in Taiwan […]

Woman bravely displays ‘war wounds’ after being scarred for life by violent ex

A woman who was scarred for life when her jealous boyfriend ‘just went boom’ and tried to kill her has bravely shown off her ‘war wounds’ as a domestic violence survivor. Jade Herbert, 25, spoke out about her ordeal after her would-be murderer Fidel Robinson, 23, was jailed for 15 years after launching a frenzied […]

Increased diversity in entry-level positions is critical

One way to increase the number of minority head coaches and General Mangers is to increase the supply of minority candidates. One way to increase the supply of minority candidates is to do so at the entry level. As explained today in both PFT Live and in more detail in PFTOT, entry-level coaching and front-office […]

Self-isolating? Get fit faster with multi-ghost racing

Eager to ramp up your fitness while stuck at home? A new generation of virtual reality (VR) exergames nudges home-based cyclists to perform a lot better by immersing them in a crowd of cyclists. And as all cyclists participating in the race are versions of the flesh-and-blood player, the Covid-19 norms of social distancing are […]

Walmart trailed supermarkets amid peak panic-buying: data

Americans increased their visits to supermarkets far more than to Walmart Inc (WMT.N) stores as panic-buying peaked in mid-March. Yet by early May, visits to Walmart had rebounded and were outpacing visits to supermarkets, according to the analysis. The data offers a snapshot of some of the dramatic changes in Americans’ shopping patterns in the […]

Tech companies’ work from home policies have some workers ready to flee Silicon Valley

Live in Silicon Valley long enough and someone will tell you that the party is over. As far as I can tell, this phenomenon dates back to at least 1874. As Peter Hartlaub recounted last year in the San Francisco Chronicle, upon the occasion of a writer for the Washington Post announcing that San Francisco […]